Mobile Website

Mobile formatted website is really important nowadays as you want to let your customer have the ability to access your website at their convenience. With the advances of technology, it is now possible for customer with mobile phone to have an internet access. If your website is categorized as social networking, you will definitely need a mobile formatted website because users for these types of sites need the website access as often as possible. Consider social network such as twitter and Facebook, these websites have a mobile formatted website that is easily accessible for their users.

By having mobile formatted website you have just gotten your website a huge advantage compared to your competitor. Your advantages for using a mobile formatted website are the ability for customer to reach you from anywhere and at any time, you have an extra edge to compete with your competitors that has yet to implement a mobile formatted website, you have an additional channel to sell your products, and lastly customer loves to compare prices; by giving that capability to your customer, chances are they will choose to buy the product from you if they could reach your website easily through their phone. Lastly, m-commerce is now turning into an important addition to internet marketing strategies. With the proper set up, you could gain huge benefit from m-commerce.

Additional reason why mobile formatted website is really important is because these websites provide instant connectivity with customers using mobile phone. With this function, customer can easily locate a physical store or check the number of inventory you have when they want to make large purchase. Your business ROI will increase simply by sing mobile website, you allow the additional potential customer the opportunity to do transaction with your online store. With around 75 million people just in US having the capabilities of mobile browsing, you have just opened yourself into a much more lucrative market.
You might think that it is such a hassle to change the coding on your website to a mobile formatted version. If you think that manual formatting is not your forte, there is another method of formatting your website. The easiest way to format your website is by using a certain web based product called mobile website builder. For example, Websembly is a mobile website builder that has the capability of automatically formatting your existing website into a mobile formatted website.

Mobile website builder such as websembly also offer the users the easiness and assistant to create a mobile version of your website. Some people may think that even though there is the technology for creating mobile version website, it is still not necessary to do so now. Well it does have a valid point; but already a portion of internet users have started to use mobile internet. The faster you convert your website using mobile website builder, the faster you could tap in into this growing market and possibly establish yourself as one of the main player. Its just like what they say; the early bird gets the worm.

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